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Pursuing Freedom Interview #8 – Investment Hunting

This week’s Pursuing Freedom interview may be the most interesting one I have had – Nathan from Investment Hunting! He went from being essentially retired in 2007 to losing a lot of money in a Ponzi Scheme.  The story is incredibly interesting so check out his story. Nathan – take it…


Pursuing Freedom Interview #7 – The Broke Professional

Another week, another great interview with someone working towards freedom in their lives – Syed from The Broke Professional! Syed is an optometrist who, through his blog, helps educate new graduates about the basics of saving, banking and investing.  He is working hard to pay down his student loans and…


Racing Towards FI: How to Achieve Financial Independence

Like many people, I have enjoyed watching the Olympics over the past couple weeks, especially the track and swimming events.  While each athlete approached their respective race in a different way, a majority of their strategies fell into two categories: Start fast and hope you don’t burn out before the…


Pursuing Freedom Interview #5 – The Millennial Budget

This week’s Pursuing Freedom Interview is a great one – Stefan from The Millennial Budget! Stefan is an aspiring CPA who just graduated and about to make his way into the work force. Stefan blogs about many personal finance topics as he begins his journey towards financial freedom. But I’ll…