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I’m Back! Plus Some Updates


It has been a little quiet here over the past couple months. A week off turned into a month which turned into more. A simple break from writing ended with me going back and forth on whether to continue with this site or shut it down and move on to something new.

The truth is – I wasn’t happy with where the blog was heading.

As the months went on, I found myself starting to get lazy.  Instead of taking time and writing posts on topics that could make people think about how they viewed their financial lives, I was writing posts that I hoped would get clicks and could be monetized easily. Instead of caring about readers, I fell into the trap of only trying to find products and services that I could advertise on the site.

That isn’t why I started this blog.

I originally started this blog because I saw it as a way that I could learn more about myself and find ways to become a better person. I wanted to be happier. I wanted to find freedom in my life. I wanted to figure out how to be a better husband and father.

However, during this journey, I got lost.

But after some time away to reflect, I’ve decided I’m not ready to give up on It Pays Dividends yet.

Over the next few weeks, you will start to see some changes coming to the blog. I have a new, cleaner appearance that will begin rolling out soon. Many of the ads and affiliate links will also be disappearing. Instead of being focused on trying to earn money however possible, I will be concentrating on products that I truly endorse and believe can make a difference in people’s lives.

Most of all, I will be pivoting the blog’s vision and focus back to one of the original ideas that started this blog – the little things we do on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis that help shape our lives and overall happiness. I call these things Life Dividends because, like the dividends you receive from stocks, the payoff from these actions can have large, compounding effects on your life and pursuit of financial independence.

I am excited to be back and to begin moving life forward and documenting my journey along the way. I have a lot of ideas, experiments, and information I am excited to share with the hope that someone might find an idea that helps them make improvements in their life as well.

Now it is time to beginning reaping the benefits of our Life Dividends and let compound interest do its work.

Have you ever taken time away to reflect on something? What are your thoughts on the change in focus for It Pays Dividends? 


  1. Happy to see that this blog will continue \o/.

    I did the samething last years. I stopped writing on my blog from July 2016 to January 2017. I was only writing in the hope to get some money from the blog. Now I am writing to share what I really want to write about.
    The Financial Tech recently posted…Some of my financial mistakeMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Glad to see you came back as well! You need to write about things you care about otherwise it is too difficult to keep at it!

  2. I was wondering what was going on. Glad to have you back Thias. Looking forward to the new direction. I have had my moments with the blog too were I’ve had to regroup and refocus. I think we can all get off track sometime. Good luck moving forward.
    Brian @ Debt Discipline recently posted…Spending Habits of Our TeenagersMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Brian!

  3. Making money from blog can be possible, I guess. But, I don’t think, my blog is ever going to make any money other than the nickels and dimes once in a blue moon. Blog is a tool for me to keep going. It motivates me to invest money, read other blogs and get connected.

    • Thias Thias

      Yeah it isn’t going to make you rich – You need something else to motivate you which unfortunately got away from me. But now I’m refocused and ready!

  4. It’s great to see you back, Thias. I had just checked your site about an hour prior to receiving your email about your new post. This whole process definitely requires reflection at times. Now that we’re retired I’m writing a bit less, myself and thinking about some next steps.
    Mrs. Groovy recently posted…The Real Culture WarMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Glad to hear you are living a bit more now that you guys hit retirement 🙂

  5. Welcome back! We took a 6 month break from blogging as well and think it’s healthy to break away every now and then. We try not to stress when it comes to blogging and instead just have fun with it!

    • Thias Thias

      Exactly! It isn’t worth the time and commitment if you can’t enjoy it!

  6. Glad to have you back! A break away can provide some important insights and I’m glad yours was beneficial. I’m looking forward to the new approach.

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Gary!

  7. Welcome back! I have a blog because I want to have fun with it and keep me in check. Maybe one day I’ll put ads on it or some other way to monetize but that’s not the primary reason to have it.
    Dividends 4 Future recently posted…January 2017 UpdateMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      That was always my intention as well but things got away from me and the fun disappeared. I’m ready to get back into enjoying it again.

  8. It takes guts to admit that you’ve strayed, so kudos to you! I’m looking forward to seeing where you take the blog. Although I haven’t taken time off from blogging, I’ve questioned just how busy my blog is keeping me. At some point in the future, I’ll need to reflect on that and make a decision about where to go.

    Take care and welcome back!

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks FerdiS! I appreciate it!

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Jim!

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Nick! Glad to be back!

  9. Great decision Thias. I went down the path of adding affiliate links and AdSense to my site to try and make a few bucks but found that unless you get really high traffic, it’s a waste of time. In 6 months, I made 15 bucks which doesn’t even reach the threshold for a payout. I ditched all of the ads and now just have a few links for services I use. So far, I think that I’ve received 2 rewards as a result of click-thrus so no big deal there either.

    I say first and foremost, blog for fun. When it stops being fun, move on. It’s all part of life’s experience isn’t it, after all.

    Here’s to your new direction matey.
    Martin – Get FIRE’d asap recently posted…Learn To Love The Numbers – Pocketbook app reviewedMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Great advice Martin – If you aren’t doing it for fun and enjoyment, it just isn’t going to be worth it in the long-term.

  10. Happy to read that you will be continuing with the blog, Thias!
    I think the changes sound good. It sounds similar to what happened with my blog. I got sidetracked for a while and forgot what I was writing for. I, too, have slightly altered the blogs direction to be more about personal development. Looking forward to reading more of It Pays Dividends in 2017 🙂
    Graham @ Reverse The Crush recently posted…Personal Development Goals for February 2017My Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Glad to hear you took your blog in a new direction as well Graham! It is important to find something that works for you and keeps you excited to write!

  11. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing your new design. Sometimes a break is needed to recharge the batteries and passion.

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