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The Best Financial Strategy You Can Use

There are a lot of bloggers and financial experts out there that tell you there is a best strategy for everything.  Many will even tell you that it is so obvious, there shouldn’t even be any other strategies for you to follow.  Hell, I am sure I have ever said that at some point on this blog.

You know what?  It’s all crap.

Yes, mathematically there are certain strategies that work better than others.  That doesn’t mean you will be successful using them though.

We are all different and have different things that motivate us.  For me, a number on a spreadsheet can be all the motivation I need.  For you, you may need to see something visually or get a quick win to keep you going.

Over at Apathy Ends, I wrote about how the best financial strategy you can use is the one that works the best for you.

We aren’t all the same so why should our strategies be the same? Head over to Apathy Ends and check out the post!


What do you think? Do you use any strategies that “aren’t the best” but work for you?


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