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Financially Alert Friends Interview

After I graduated college and got my first job, I didn’t really have a plan with what to do with my money.  I made a decent starting salary, paid down a little debt, and felt like I didn’t spend a lot.  I knew money was important but I never was very intentional with what I did with it.  That began to change in 2013 when I first discovered personal finance podcasts and blogs (most notibly Stacking Benjamins, Listen Money Matters, and Budgets Are Sexy).  These new mediums to take in information great shaped my financial life and got me to start thinking more about how we utilized each paycheck we received.

I’m excited to be featured on Financially Alert today sharing stories on how our financial life has evolved over the years.

If you are interested in learning more about my journey and where I plan on going, check out my Financially Alert Friends Interview!


Do you have any other questions for me? Did any specific event start your financial journey?


  1. Great interview Thias. Although I started my ‘official’ FIRE’D journey much later than you, much of what you say still resonates. I guess that’s a sign that we, along with many others, are on the same path.

    What you said about talking about money is so true. For something that plays such a huge part in our lives, many either don’t want to discuss it or try to kid themselves that they have far more than they do.

  2. Thias Thias

    I think the path is roughly the same for most people – no matter what age you start. We all need to do the same general things – save lots, spend little, get rid of debt. Glad to see I’m on roughly the same path as you! Hopefully I’ll get to FI soon like you!

  3. Nice interview Thias. Here’s to FI!

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