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How to Obtain Your Remarkable Life

How to Obtain Your Remarkable Life

A remarkable life.

A life worthy of living. A life that brings you excitement.

In my eyes, the ultimate goal in life is to live the life you want to live. A life that gets you excited each morning when you wake up and grateful each night when you go to bed.

On the outside, this sort of life feels a bit like a fantasy; something we dream about at night.

But it doesn’t need to be that way. We all have the ability to live our own version of a remarkable life.

What is a Remarkable Life?

When you think about the words, Remarkable Life,  who comes to mind?

Maybe great thinkers like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein?

What about great athletes such as Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali?

One person that probably didn’t come up? You.

So, what is a remarkable life then? I define it the following way:

Remarkable Life: An intentional life based on experiences driven by passion and joy; the life you want to live.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a founding father, a genius, or an amazing athlete to live a remarkable life. Instead, anyone of us can create our own version of a remarkable life – a life that we are excited to live each day.

The Question

What does your remarkable life look like? Try asking yourself the following questions:

What would your life look like if happiness dictated your actions instead of the need for a paycheck?

What would you do if you no longer needed to rely on a job and instead were able to spend your time doing the things that were important to you?

Maybe you would travel the world or finally act on a business idea. Maybe you would devote your time to you favorite hobby and teach it to others.

Or maybe you would focus your life around family and friends.

Whatever you choose, one thing I feel certain about is that most of us wouldn’t choose to sit in an office 40+ hours a week working for someone else while trying to achieve the desired life/work balance.

Time is one of our most valuable resources – we need to try and spend as much of it as possible doing the things that are important to us; the things that allow us to live a remarkable life.

But How Do I Get There?

The two most important people in my remarkable life.
The two most important people in my remarkable life.

I spend a lot of time thinking about about what life would be like if money wasn’t a concern.  If I didn’t have to worry about paying the mortgage or needing to put food on the table, how would I spend my time? Would I keep working? Would I travel? What hobbies would I try?

For the longest time, I didn’t think these questions actually mattered.  It was fun to think about but it wasn’t something that would happen. It would take millions of dollars to have that sort of freedom.

That is until I discovered financial independence.  Financial independence is the key to freeing yourself to live your remarkable life; the life you want to live, not the life others have picked out for you.  No one has ever lived a remarkable life when someone else is calling the shots for them.

Financial independence means no longer being required to work just to support your life.  Instead, you create streams of income (from assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, or businesses) that can support your financial needs. Instead of relying on your employer for a paycheck, you rely on your assets and the earnings they provide.

You might be thinking that this would take millions (I know that I always did) but it can be more achievable than you realize.A popular guideline out there, based on the Trinity Study (summed up very well by Mr Money Mustache), is that you need 25x your annual expenses in investments to support yourself.  This would allow you to withdraw 4% of your investments per year (adjusted for inflation each year).

This means that the lower you are able to keep your expenses, the less in investments you need to support your spending.  For example, if all you need is $40k per year, you would need $1,000,000 in investments to withdraw 4% per year.

But how do I keep my expenses low?

You cut out the crap for the important. You decide that your life is what is important – not trying to keep up with the people around you. You realize that possessions aren’t what define you – instead it is your relationships and experiences that have the biggest impacts on your life.

A remarkable life is about having the freedom to live the life you want to live – financial independence is the tool that can help you get there.

Final Thoughts

Living a remarkable life is about finally taking control of your life and doing the things that bring you joy and meaning. We all have bits and pieces of a remarkable life already – but to truly unleash it, you need to break away from the control others have on your life.

We are all capable of being remarkable. It all comes down to who chooses to go after it.

Do you live a remarkable life? If not, what are you doing to try and achieve it? Is financial independence a goal for you?

Photo Courtesy of Jay Mantri


  1. FI is definitely my goal which will allow me to live a more remarkable life. If I were to do things based on happiness rather than money, going to my current job wouldn’t be anywhere near the top which is saying something. But it is paying the bills and will allow me to one day reach FI so I won’t look back on it with much regret.
    The Green Swan recently posted…My Small Business InvestmentMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      I agree GS – Sometimes a job you aren’t overly fond of is necessary to get to our end goals!

  2. I love the questions you posed. We definitely want to spend our time doing what we think is important. We do that now in smaller amounts of time, but some day we hope that will be our main endeavor. And I agree that we could squander that future time if we over-spend instead of investing for the future. It’s all about crystalizing what’s important to you!
    Kalie @ Pretend to Be Poor recently posted…Don’t Underearn By OverstayingMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Great points Katie – Don’t squander the future to live an okay life now!

  3. A great question. I believe for many we need to change our way of thinking. We are often just following a path that our family before us has laid out. I know that was my thinking at a young age, get a job, buy a house with a 30-year mortgage, etc. Once you open your eyes to other possibilities, the outcome is endless.
    Brian @ debt discipline recently posted…Book Review: Above Average FinanceMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Very true Brian – Our families have a big impact on the way we see the world and the path we take. Luckily, it is easier and easier to discover different paths now!

  4. I love your definition of a remarkable life. I don’t think enough people really sit down and think about what that means to them. I am working towards a remarkable life and aim to achieve financial independence one day, hopefully soon!

    • Thias Thias

      Glad to hear it Norman! Everyone deserves a remarkable life!

  5. I think it can be hard to know what your remarkable life will be when spending the majority of your waking hours focused on a job. I didn’t know – and that’s part of why I left my job to figure out what I want to be doing the rest of my life. So far it’s been interesting because I have done things and had opportunities I never would have imagined.
    Mr Crazy Kicks recently posted…Free Adventures: The River FishMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Great point Mr Crazy Kicks! We can only speculate or think in big ideas. It is hard knowing what we will want until we have the time to explore different things.

  6. This is a great post Thias. I think you posed a similar question on your site if I’m not mistaken before that if your life was a book, would you bother reading it. Both great thought provoking questions.

    Cutting expenses and living simply is the answer for most people I believe. There will be people who make tens of millions of dollars and truly have the freedom to do and buy what they want, but if you keep your expenses low, financial independence becomes much easier.

    But then again, even billionaire Mark Zuckerberg wears the same looking T shirt all the time!
    Syed recently posted…4 Books New Grads Should Have Read BEFORE Finishing SchoolMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Good memory Syed! I asked What’s Your Story about a month ago – I guess you can say I think this topic is important!

  7. Really well written post Thias. Everybody will have a different answer to this question but realizing that if you make good financial decisions early on in your life will allow you to live the life you want. Living a simple live definitely helps speed up the process but if you want to travel the world etc. people need to realize this adds cost. It also helps to be debt free once you “retire” or pursue other dreams.
    Stefan – The Millennial Budget recently posted…Beating Ageism: Getting Cheaper Car Insurance For MillennialsMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Stefan – It is about asking the questions on what you want and trying to build your life to help you reach it! We all have different priorities but we can all benefit from the same advice on how to get there!

  8. I like the philosophical nature of this post Thias 🙂

    Life is meant to be lived as happily as possible, yet so many people aren’t trying to get to there ‘happy place’. We are, as much as we can. I hope we can blog about it sooner rather than later. Just $1M in today’s money will give us everything we need..for the rest of our lives.

    DividendsDownUnder recently posted…How does Brexit affect Australia?My Profile

    • Thias Thias

      I agree Tristan! Glad to hear you have your number all figured out! Good luck getting there.

  9. Hey Thias – This is something everyone needs to figure out, not necessarily today, but it needs to be a constant pursuit. Feels like some people know exactly what they want to do very early, some it takes awhile. I am definetely the later and all I know is I want to make my own decisions, every day, without financial repercussions.
    Apathy Ends recently posted…Net Worth Update – Q2My Profile

    • Thias Thias

      That is where I think big life goals come in. We aren’t going to know what the details of what we want are exactly but we can begin to figure out what the big items we want in life are and start working towards achieving it.

  10. Well put Thias! Obviously a remarkable life will look different to everyone, but I think we can all agree that chasing financial independence and allowing yourself the opportunity to live how you want is a common goal amongst everyone. Even if they don’t really know it. To me a remarkable life is being able to travel where and when I want, but also having a nice little car collection to come home to! (This will probably add to assets needed for financial independence, but to me, it’ll be so worth it!)
    Elliot @ Our Growing Wealth recently posted…How to Save on Household Bills!My Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Sounds like a great life to strive for!

  11. Very thoughtful post, Thias. For many of us a simple life can be a remarkable life. It often takes time or something serious like the death of a loved one to figure that out. Then there are those who don’t want to figure it out and use lack of money and/or a job they don’t like as an excuse for not becoming their best selves, rather than motivation for becoming their best selves. I’m very glad you figured out what makes you happy and how to align your habits with happiness. And I love the photo of the two most important people in your remarkable life!
    Mrs Groovy recently posted…Geoarbitrage and Financial IndependenceMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Thanks Mrs Groovy! Hopefully it doesn’t taken a major life event for people to realize what is really important. Realizing it early gives you so much more opportunity to achieve it!

  12. Great thought-provoking post, Thias! It is this change in thinking a few years ago that spurred me to want to work toward FI. Although we live a pretty remarkable life right now, I would love for my husband to be able to escape the 9 to 5 and pursue his passions asap!

    Thanks for sharing the photo of the two most important people in your life. They are beautiful!
    Amanda recently posted…Investing vs. Mortgage Payoff Experiment: Suggestions, opinions, and our progressMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Thank you Amanda! 🙂 I hope you guys can have your husband escape quickly!

  13. Yes, remarkable life…I like the sound of that. Mine isn’t extraordinarily remarkable yet, but it is still remarkable simply because I’m here. I think I’m striving for the ability to just be able to drop all of my marbles at once and pick up another set whenever I feel like it. I want to be able to transition easily throughout each season of my life without having to answer to a job.
    Latoya @ Femme Frugality recently posted…Cross-Country RV Trip: Rent vs BuyMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      That is a great goal to strive for!

    • Thias Thias

      You are definitely getting close Alexander and as you are showing with your move, you are doing whatever you can to get it which is awesome!

    • Thias Thias

      Glad you like it and are living your remarkable life!

  14. Great post Thias, it is a remarkable short life. So given that time is a resource we cannot get back, we all should strive to be free. Not just live on the weekends free, but really free from the 9 to 5. I am saving and investing, and I am planning and strategizing to live my remarkable life 1 day. Thinking about it is the first step, and taking action is the second step, so I am on step 5 I believe right now.
    EL @ MoneyWatch101 recently posted…What is Your Personal Savings Rate?My Profile

    • Thias Thias

      Glad to see you are moving forward towards your remarkable life!

  15. This is an important idea that I don’t think a lot of people think about. People hate talking about money even though they know it’s an important topic and as a result they see it as a bad thing. I like that this post recognizes that money (while not the most important) is an accelerator that can uplift your life to the next level!

  16. financial independence is the way to go. good post

    • Thias Thias

      It definitely is. Thanks Pamela!

  17. Amanda @ Minimalist Finance Amanda @ Minimalist Finance

    Great post Thias! I also used to dream about being able to decide what to do with my time without having to worry about bringing home a paycheck to pay the bills. I’ve decided to cut the unnecessary spending from my life to bring down expenses and have tried to come up with ideas to generate more sources of income. I hope to one day also be financially independent! 🙂

    • Thias Thias

      Sounds like you are the right path Amanda!

  18. You’re absolutely right that a remarkable life is about taking control. Someone said that every man should aim at making his family self sustainable. For me, that means being Financially Independent and being able to spend my time where I want, regardless of the size of the paycheck.
    We should probably not wait to be FI to have a remarkable life, but having FI as a goal makes it even more exciting 🙂
    TheMoneyMine recently posted…5 Articles that made me smarter this monthMy Profile

    • Thias Thias

      I agree that you don’t want to wait until FI for a remarkable life which is why I try to add parts of it each day. However, I think FI allows us to fully unlock our remarkable life when we achieve it!

  19. Great post! Financial independence is definitely a more worthy goal than consumerism!

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